Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The 10 Series

The 10 Art Forgers by Bonnie Sheppard 
The crooks in this book all had special talents—they created thousands of reproductions and sold them for huge amounts of money! Some of the forgers didn't even paint—they specialized in creating false documents that fooled leading art experts. And the best forgers were able to escape exposure for many years. 

The 10 Best Love Poems by Sharon Hanson 
Presents a count-down of the ten best love poems along with information on such authors as Ezra Pound, Gary Soto, William Shakespeare, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 

The 10 Greatest Political Canadian Leaders by Hughena Matheson 
These Canadian political leaders are among the greatest! You'll read about their leadership qualities, their contributions and accomplishments, and how they changed Canada for the better. 

The 10 Mightiest Conquerors by Frederick Koh 
They are dominating figures in history, but not all of them are heroes. Ambition, greed, and an intense desire for control turned these mighty conquerors into dangerous leaders. Can a ruthless conqueror be a national hero? 

The 10 Most Outstanding Canadian Entrepreneurs by Dave Suchanek 
From the man who turned Tim Hortons into a cultural icon to the founder of Cirque de Soleil, these entrepreneurs used smarts, passion, and hard work to build business empires! 

The 10 Most Significant Documents in History by Glen Downey 
Profiles ten of the most important documents in world history, including the Code of Hammurabi, the U.S. Declaration of Independence, and the Magna Carta.