Friday, September 15, 2023

New Graphic Novels

“Orphaned at a young age, Alice has lived with her aunt for most of her childhood. But her uncle is abusive so Alice decides to return home to Kyoto. But when she arrives back home, she finds that Kyoto has changed quite a bit. Almost as if it's a completely different world.” -Publisher

"Alice is certainly not in her world anymore. This version of Kyoto is magical and confusing -- and Alice can't seem to find her childhood first love, Ren, the person she believes summoned her to this Kyoto in the first place.” WorldCat
“Cath doesn’t need friends. She has her twin sister, Wren, and she’s a popular fanfic writer in the Simon Snow community. But now that she’s in college, Cath is completely outside of her comfort zone.” -WorldCat
“Now that Cath's in college, for the first time ever, he has her own social circle. There’s Nick, her handsome classmate who wants her to write short stories with him… And then Levi, who keeps showing up when she isn’t looking for him…Actually…maybe Cath’s circle is more of a triangle?” -WorldCat
”This graphic novel chronicles the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York City through moving individual stories that bear witness to history and the ways it shapes the future.” -WorldCat
“The author argues that American society is leaning toward despotism and totalitarianism and looks back at the 20th century for examples of how totalitarianism has taken over before.” -WorldCat