Thursday, September 21, 2023

New Fiction

"A dazzling novel set during the Great War and postwar Prohibition about a young nurse, a soldier, and a family secret that binds them together for generations to come--from USA TODAY and repeat #1 bestselling author Genevieve Graham." -Publisher
"After the loss of her mother, high school junior Soledad finds herself struggling to balance classes and her new job in California to support her family in Tijuana, Mexico, in this thoughtful story about identity, immigration, and family." -Publisher

“Gideon’s short-lived run as a locally famous boy detective ended when middle school started, and everyone else moved on while Gideon kept holding on to his trench coat. Now he’s sixteen and officially retired. That is until Lily, his former best friend, shows up suddenly at his door needing help.” -WorldCat
“In this genre-bending , speculative YA debut, a Chinese American girl monetizes her strange new invisibility powers by discovering and selling her wealthy classmates’ most scandalous secrets.” -Amazon
“Saddled with queenly duties after marrying her one true love, Sally Skellington wonders if she traded one captivity for another until she finds a long-hidden doorway to an ancient realm putting everything into perspective.” -WorldCat
“From author Agatha Christie, comes the tale of thirteen strangers stranded on a train, where everyone is a suspect. One man must race against time to solve the puzzle before the murderer strikes again.” - WorldCat
"Lou has enough confusion in front of her this summer. She'll be working in her family's ice-cream shack with...her former best friend, King, who is back in their Canadian prairie town after disappearing three years ago...But when she gets a letter from her biological father...Lou immediately knows that she cannot meet him...While King's friendship makes Lou feel safer...when her family's business comes under threat, she soon realizes that she can't ignore her father forever." -Publisher