Wednesday, September 13, 2023

New Nonfiction

“This book explains the causes and recent historical events causing the crisis and war in Ukraine. It includes a discussion of how these events put the world at risk of nuclear war. It also touches on some general theory relevant to political science and international relations.” -WorldCat
“A short biography of the life and career of Julius Caesar who gained power, attacked his allies, won a brutal civil war and then declared himself dictator.” -WorldCat
“He was loved by British Revolutionary War loyalists and hated by American patriots. What made King George III so mad? Hoping to restore glory to the British crown, he instead plunged two countries into a seven-year bloodbath and died plagued by insanity and failure.” -WorldCat

“As of the time of the writing of this book Moses Horne is a 15-year-old elite athlete who can talk directly about the triumphs and struggles of working towards being mentally tough. Check out these 5-Minute Mindset Exercises for teens who play competitive sport.” -Amazon
“For years, because of segregation, it was dangerous for African Americans to travel in the United States. The Green Book listed hotels, restaurants, gas stations, and other businesses that were safe for Black travelers. It was a resourceful and innovative solution to a horrific problem.” -WorldCat
"A chilling account of Russian information warfare, Putin's Trolls exposes the individuals and organizations behind the Kremlin's coordinated, military-style social media operations against the Western world.” -WorldCat
“In this highly visual book, the author presents the struggle for LGBTQ2+ rights using photographs, first-person accounts and excerpts from archival documents. Significant events in the struggle include the establishment of Pride parades, and the decriminalization of homosexuality.

"An account of the Cold War spies whose survival depended on carefully orchestrated deceptions as they fought in the shadows to help avert global nuclear war and, in so doing, changed the global landscape in ways that are still felt today." -WorldCat

“A rare and insightful account by a former CBC and Al Jazeera newsroom insider of how the news skews our perceptions and disorients society.” -Amazon