Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Mi'kmaq Honour Song

The Honour Song was written by Mi'kmaq Elder George Paul of Metepenagiag Mi'kmaq Nation, New Brunswick. The origin of the song, and of Paul's spirit name, Sky Blue Eagle, can be traced back to the first fast he ever did, back in the late 1970s.

Mi’Kmaq Language with Phonetic Lyrics and English Translation

Kepmite'tmnej ta'n teli l'nuwulti'kw
Geb-me-day-de-mah-nej don delly ull-nole-deek
Let us greatly respect our being L'nu

Ni'kma'jtut mawita'nej
Ni-gah-mahj-dood mah-wee-dah-nej
My people let us gather

Kepmite'tmnej ta'n wettapeksulti'k
Geb-me-day-de-mah-nej don wed-ah-beck-sool-deeg
Let us greatly respect our native roots

Ni'kma'jtut apoqnmatultinej
Ni-gah-mahj-dood ah-bone-mah-dole-dee-nej
My people let us help one another

Apoqnmatultinej ta'n Kisu'lkw teli ika'luksi'kw
Ah-bone-mah-dolt-dee-nej don Gee-soolk delly ee-gah-loog-seeg
Let us help one another as Creator intended when he put us

wla wskitqamu way-yah-hey-yoh
oo-lah wis-geet-ah-moo way-yah-hey-yoh
on the earth.