Monday, October 25, 2021

New Fiction: ORCA


A Dark Truth by Jeff Ross
“While filming a skateboarding video, best friends Riley and Dashawn split up to avoid the police, but it is not until the next day that Riley learns how the color of your skin can influence how you are treated by others.” -WorldCat

Above All Else by Jeff Ross
“Del tries to figure out who is responsible for injuring his teammate when winning takes priority on the Cardinals soccer team.” -Publisher

Crash by Lesley Choyce
“After resolving to turn his life around, sixteen-year-old Cameron ends up homeless and struggling to survive.” -Publisher

Girls Like Me by Kristin Butcher
“After accepting a ride home, sixteen-year-old Emma Kennedy is raped by a boy from school. But handsome, popular Ross Schroeder tells everyone the sex was consensual, and Emma is immediately branded as a slut. Even Emma's best friend, Jen, doesn't believe Emma's version of events. In fact, she is angry with Emma because she feels betrayed. After all, she liked Ross first. But when Ross starts showing interest in Jen, Emma knows she will have to find a way to get Jen to believe that she really is in grave danger. Before it's too late.” -Amazon

Hide and Shriek by Alison Hughes
“When Emily, Tess, Cam and Dylan decide to ignore the new town curfew during their Friday-night game of hide-and-seek, they get more than they bargained for.” -Amazon