Tuesday, November 20, 2018

New Nonfiction

Canada’s Three Korean Wars by Bob Orrick
Canada’s Three Korean Wars is a capsule account of Canada’s army, navy, and air force during the Korean War.” –Publisher

Marching As To War by Pierre Berton          
"Between 1899 and 1953, three generations of young Canadians marched off to distant battlefields to fight in four different wars. From the African veldt to the fields of Flanders, the beaches of Dieppe, and the Korean highlands. The half-century also saw Canada transformed from an agricultural nation beholden to the British Empire to an industrial powerhouse closely linked to the Unites States.” –WorldCat

On War by Carl von Clausewitz
On War is a treatise about a military art which Prussian officer Carl Philipp Gottflib von Clausewitz had been working on for 15 years. It is commonly believed that Clausewitz's treatise had a greater impact on military leaders of the late XIX and XX centuries than any other book.” –Amazon

Stalingrad: The Fateful Siege by Antony Beevor
“In August 1942, Hitler's huge Sixth Army reached the city that bore Stalin's name. In the five-month siege that followed, the Russians fought to hold Stalingrad at any cost; then, in an astonishing reversal, encircled and trapped their Nazi enemy. This battle for the ruins of a city cost more than a million lives.” –Amazon

The Korean War: A History by Bruce Cumings
“For Americans, it was a discrete conflict lasting from 1950 to 1953. But for the Asian world the Korean War was a generations-long struggle that still haunts contemporary events. With access to new evidence and secret materials from both here and abroad, including an archive of captured North Korean documents, Bruce Cumings reveals the war as it was actually fought.” –Amazon

The Mythical Battle: Hastings 1066 by Ashley Hern
“The Battle of Hastings is one of the key events in the history of the British Isles. This book looks at themes such as how Harold died and why the English lost, but also at other crucial issues, such as the diplomatic significance of William of Normandy's claim to the English throne, the Norman attempt to secure papal support, and the extent to which the Norman and Anglo-Saxon armies represented diametrically opposed military systems.” –Publisher

The Norman Conquest by Teresa Cole
“A re-examining of the Norman Conquest of England, the genocide committed in northern England, the wholesale transfer of lands to Norman lords, and the Domesday Book designed to enable every last drop of riches to be extracted from a subdued kingdom.” –Publisher

The Naked Olympics: The True Story of the Ancient Games by Tony Perrottet
“Piecing together ancient eyewitness accounts, this history is a fascinating mix of the familiar and the wildly exotic, exploring the often harsh conditions the spectators endured, the bizarre events that were held, and even Plato's changing room pick up' lines.'” –Publisher.

Vimy by Pierre Berton
“The action is placed within the context both of the Battle of Arras, of which this attack was part, and as a milestone in the development of Canada as a nation.” –WorldCat