Monday, September 26, 2016

New Biographies

Born Survivors by Wendy Holdern
“Relates the true account of three pregnant women who met in Auschwitz, where they concealed their pregnancies from infamous Nazi doctor Josef Mengele and fought for their survival as well as the survival of their newborns as they embarked on a treacherous journey to freedom.” –WorldCat

Can I Let You Go? By Cathy Glass
”Faye is 24, pregnant, and has learning difficulties as a result of her mother's alcoholism. Faye is gentle, childlike and vulnerable, and normally lives with her grandparents, both of whom have mobility problems. Cathy and her children welcome Faye into their home and hearts. The care plan is for Faye to stay with Cathy until after the birth when she will return home and the baby will go for adoption. Given that Faye never goes out alone it is something of a mystery how she ever became pregnant and Faye says it's a secret. To begin with Faye won't acknowledge she is pregnant or talk about the changes in her body as she worries it will upset her grandparents, but after her social worker assures her she can talk to Cathy she opens up.” –WorldCat

Conspirator: Lenin in Exile by Helen Rappaport
“In this work, the author, a Russian historian, narrates the compelling story of Lenin's life and political activities in the years leading up to the revolution. As he scuttled between the glittering capital cities of Europe, from London and Munich to Vienna and Prague, Lenin found support among fellow emigres and revolutionaries in the underground movement. He came to lead a ring of conspirators, many of whom would give their lives in service to his schemes. An account of Lenin's little known early life, this book tracks in detail the formation of one of the great revolutionaries of the twentieth century.” –WorldCat

Girl Alone by Cathy Glass
”When Joss came to me she was angry, upset and confused. At the age of nine, she returned home from school to find her father's lifeless body in the garage. Four years later she was still hurting. She was smoking cannabis, drinking alcohol, stealing, going missing and was in trouble with the police and at school. Time was running out and I was her last chance.” –WorldCat

Graveyard For Dreamers: One Woman’s Odyssey in Africa by Joan Baxter
“Graveyard for Dreamers is a personal and colourful account of living, travelling and reporting on coups and customs in seven West African countries.” –Amazon

Hitler’s Secretary: A Firsthand Account of Life With Hitler by Traudl Junge
”In 1942 Germany, Traudl Junge was a young woman with dreams of becoming a ballerina when she was offered the chance of a lifetime. At the age of twenty-two she became private secretary to Adolf Hitler and served him for two and a half years, right up to the bitter end. Junge observed the intimate workings of Hitler's administration, she typed correspondence and speeches, including Hitler's public and private last will and testament; she ate her meals and spent evenings with him; and she was close enough to hear the bomb that was intended to assassinate Hitler in the Wolf's Lair, close enough to smell the bitter almond odor of Eva Braun's cyanide pill. In her intimate, detailed memoir, Junge invites readers to experience day-to-day life with the most horrible dictator of the twentieth century.” –WorldCat

The Rise of Barack Obama by Pete Souza
“Photojournalist Pete Souza documents the meteoric rise of the charismatic Barack Obama from his first day in the U.S. Senate up to the Pennsylvania presidential primary. Souza, who also accompanied the senator to seven countries including Kenya, South Africa, and Russia, had access to photograph the senator and presidential candidate in private and public moments during Obama's rise to political stardom. Most of these have not been seen before. Souza provides extended commentary about each photo to place it in context, and describe the scene and participants.” –WorldCat

The Silent Cry by Cathy Glass
“When Cathy sees Laura in the school playground she joins the other parents in admiring her gorgeous newborn baby, Liam, but when Laura suddenly feels unwell Cathy is so concerned she walks her home. Laura then disappears for weeks. Her seven-year-old daughter Kim is collected from school by Laura's mother-in-law, who wants nothing to do with anyone outside the family. Busy fostering, Cathy tries to put her worries to one side, until late one night she receives a phone call that changes everything. Cathy is shocked by the decline in Laura's mental health. She thinks Laura could be suffering from severe postnatal depression and knows she must see a doctor urgently, but Laura's family have other ideas.” –WorldCat

Tommy Douglas by Vincent Lam
“Tommy Douglas was a prairie politician who believed in democratic socialism and the crucial role of civil rights. Douglas, a championship boxer and Baptist minister, later exchanged his pulpit for politics, sitting as a federal MP and then serving for 17 years as premier of Saskatchewan, where he introduced the universal health-insurance system that would eventually be adopted across Canada. As leader of the national NDP, he was a staunch advocate of programs such as the Canada Pension Plan.” –WorldCat