Wednesday, April 12, 2023

New Nonfiction

The following books were purchased with money provided by the School Advisory Council (SAC). Your donation to the CEC library is greatly appreciated.

“Traces the inspiring story of Syrian refugee Nujeen Mustafa, who after being born with cerebral palsy and denied an education because of her disability made a harrowing journey by wheelchair from her war-ravaged home to safety in Germany.” -WorldCat

"An accessible, balanced history for anyone who wants to understand how the Israel-Palestine conflict originated and developed over the past century." -Publisher

“There is one question Canadians have asked Jody Wilson-Raybould more than any other: What can I do to help advance reconciliation? It is clear that people from all over the country want to take concrete and tan­gible action that will make real change. We just need to know how to get started. This book provides that next step. For Wilson-Raybould, what individuals and organizations need to do to advance true reconciliation is self-evident, accessible, and achievable. True Reconciliation is broken down into three core practices—Learn, Understand, and Act—that can be applied by individuals, communities, organiza­tions, and governments.” -Amazon