Friday, November 4, 2022

New novels by Orca Book Publishers

When sixteen-year-old Adele Reimer is forced to spend two weeks at a youth reform camp, she has no idea it will lead to a complicated and dangerous love triangle. -Summary 
One night, Mason convinces Tyler to help him steal a car. Later, out of gas and stranded, they are offered a ride by Sean, a heavy-metal musician. Listening to Sean, Tyler starts to question his friendship with Mason. But will he find the courage to make his own decisions?-Summary
“Jaylin is studying when she receives a message from Fatima. The thing is, Fatima died in an accident. Then Fatima shares a secret and asks Jaylin to set the record straight around the circumstances of her death. Is Jaylin strong enough to relive losing her friend all over again?” -Amazon
Sixteen-year-old Rainey makes a video about a mysterious figure in the woods. Rainey and his friends are soon thrilled with the attention their prank is getting and are setting up a follow-up video when things go horribly wrong. What happens when a supernatural hoax turns into a real-life crime?
This young adult novel by Canadian author John Lekich follows Charlie Hope, more cheekily known as “Hopeless”, as he and his unlikely companion Penny band together to uncover the real cause of an eerie and suspicious death at Charlie’s family hotel.- Summary
Sixteen-year-old shy, socially awkward trans teen Bass reluctantly skips school and goes on a boat trip with his adventure-seeking girlfriend, Rosie. 
When a sudden storm smashes their boat on a rocky shore off a deserted island, Bass and Rosie struggle to make it to safety. -Summary

Will’s father was just found dead in a pile of sulfur. He was a retired cop who'd been working as a night security guard at the SulCorp sulfur mill. Now, to determine if his death was a tragic accident or something more sinister, Will must return to the place he swore he'd never set foot in again. -Summary

“Matt is counting down the days until he turns sixteen. He's been living with his foster parents in Yukon River valley in their isolated cabin. His plan is to leave and never come back. He is done with the harsh lifestyle and helping his abusive foster dad, Dan, run the traplines so he can make money selling animal furs. He can't wait to start a new life on his own in the city. But when Matt discovers a big and valuable gold nugget, everything changes. What seems like a dream come true and an easy way out quickly turns into a nightmare that will test Matt's wilderness survival skills to the fullest.” -Publisher