Wednesday, October 27, 2021

New Fiction: ORCA


Cellular by Ellen Schwartz
“When Brendan is diagnosed with leukemia his life is turned upside down. With a smothering family and distant friends, all seems hopeless until he meets Lark, terminally ill yet full of life.” -Publisher

Skate Freak by Lesley Choyce
“Quinn Dorfman's struggling at school and watching his family deteriorate and, since moving to a new town, has trouble enjoying his passion, skateboarding.” -Amazon

The Mask by Eric Howling
“Fourteen-year-old Logan Grant hides his badly scarred face behind an old-fashioned goalie mask.” -Publisher

The Unbroken Hearts Club by Brooke Carter
“Logan uses her camera to work through the grief of losing her mother.” -Publisher

Yellow Line by Sylvia Olsen
“Vince lives in a small town—a town that is divided right down the middle by race. An unspoken rule has been there as long as Vince remembers and no one challenges it. But when Vince's friend Sherry starts dating an Indigenous boy, Vince is outraged—until he notices Raedawn, a girl from the reserve. Trying to balance his community's prejudices with his shifting alliances, Vince is forced to take a stand and see where his heart will lead him. -Publisher