Friday, October 7, 2016

New Fiction

Away Running by Luc Bouchard
“Matt, a white quarterback from Montreal, Quebec, flies to France (without his parents’ permission) to play football and escape family pressure. Freeman, a black football player from San Antonio, Texas, is in Paris on a school trip when he hears about a team playing American football in a rough, low-income suburb called Villeneuve-La-Grande. Matt and Free join the Diables Rouges and make friends with the other players, who come from many different ethnic groups. Racial tension erupts into riots in Villeneuve when some of their Muslim teammates get in trouble with the police, and Matt and Free have to decide whether to get involved and face the very real risk of arrest and violence.” –Amazon

Dancing in the Rain by Shelley Hrdlitschka
“While struggling with the death of her beloved adoptive mother, sixteen-year-old Brenna reconnects with members of her biological family, hoping to discover why her biological mother broke off contact many years earlier. At the same time, she is falling in love with Ryan, who provides support while she grieves but has to leave her when she needs him most. Despite powerful feelings of abandonment, Brenna realizes that getting strong physically and focusing on the needs of others might just help her move beyond her crippling grief, find peace and plan a future for herself.” –Amazon

Expecting by Shannon Freeman
“Three girls could not be more different. Kaelynn is pure country. Yessenia lives on the wild side. And Lyric is the good girl. They meet at a program for pregnant teens. The town's one high school is not an option. Who wants to be there, shunned and with growing bellies? Here, they can still take classes. And hopefully graduate on time. The girls soon lean in, relying on each other to see them through the drama.” –WorldCat

FatherSonFather by Evan Jacobs
“Jeff knew his dad wouldn't live forever. But he had already lost his mom. It would be too unfair. The 9-1-1 call was shocking. The hospital, impersonal. When his dad improved, he was transferred to a rehabilitation facility. There, a transgender nurse took over his care. Jeff was appalled. But slowly, his admiration for her grew.” –WorldCat

Finding Apeman by M.G. Higgins
"I head straight to my room. Rummage in the corner of my closet. Toss shoes and my soccer ball off the old wooden toy box. Slide it across the floor. Pull the sandwich bags and scale out from under a stuffed tiger and an old Xbox. Convoy bought the scale for me. After I explained my aunt and dad would not understand why a seventeen-year-old needed a scale." –WorldCat

It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini
“A humorous account of a New York City teenager's battle with depression and his time spent in a psychiatric hospital.” –WorldCat

Roadside Attraction by M.G. Higgins
"Logan doesn't have time to dream. He works for his grandparents. Takes care of his dad. Crushes on his best friend's sister. Then a hitchhiker changes it all. Brooke. She's young. Too young to be alone. What is she running from? Logan soon realizes Brooke has a big-time problem. And what begins as a road trip ends with life-changing decisions." –WorldCat

Rodeo Princess by M.G. Higgins
“Stay out of my life. Or I'll tell...That was over three years ago. The last time I talked to Amy McNair. One of the prettiest girls in school. She's horse crazy. And an amazing barrel racer. But I'm going to win at the annual rodeo. Beat her. It's all I've got. Even my boyfriend's parents don't accept me. Mainly because of my brothers. They aren't exactly upstanding citizens. People think I'm the same as them. If only they knew.” –WorldCat

Sticks and Stones by Donna Shelton
“After the rape, sixteen-year-old Peyton feels dirty. Lost. She could have fought harder. Screamed. Been more aggressive. Gotten him to stop. She knows Brad will get away with it. He's gotten away with it before. The football team protects him. The school does too. It seems like everyone in town is on his side. Girls start to call her a skank. But Peyton is determined to get justice. Only she doesn't know how. The dominoes begin to fall when the truth comes out. First to her best friend. Then to a pastor. Who leads her to a soft-spoken police detective.” –WorldCat

That Selfie Girl by Linda Oatman High
“Macy is dead. Selfies while driving never end well. She knows it now #suckstobeme. And she has unfinished business. Her friend Ryan is planning to shoot up the school. But the afterlife is so ... unexpected. She gets distracted. Who knew she would find love?” –WorldCat