Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bookworms and Dominoes: Nonfiction

Formula One by Alex Raynham
Oxford Bookworms: Stage Three
"It's an exciting life - full of fast cars, money, and travel. The names of Formula One champions are known all over the world. And everywhere young drivers dream of success one day in Monaco, Melbourne, Monza ... But it is a difficult life too. Drivers need strong bodies - and minds. They need to think quickly, drive hard, and sometimes look death in the face. This is the dangerous, exciting world of Formula One - where the world's best drivers have only seconds to win or lose a race.” –Back cover.

Martin Luther King by Alan C. McLean
Oxford Bookworms: Stage Three
“The United States in the 1950s and 60s was a troubled place. Black people were angry, because they did not have the same rights as whites. It was a time of angry words, of marches, of protests, a time of bombs and killings. But above the angry noise came the voice of one man - a man of peace. 'I have a dream,' said Martin Luther King, and it was a dream of blacks and whites living together in peace and freedom. This is the story of an extraordinary man, who changed American history in his short life.” –Back cover.

Titanic by Tim Vicary
Oxford Bookworms: Stage One
"On a quiet sea, the biggest ship in the world is waiting.  There is no noise from the engines. Up in the night sky there are hundreds of stars.  Behind the ship, an iceberg - a great mountain of ice - goes slowly away into the black night.  In the beautiful first-class rooms, rich passengers eat and listen to music.  Down in the third-class cabins, families sleep.  An exciting new life is waiting for them in America.  But for many of the people in this small 'city on the sea' this is their last night alive...." –Back cover.

William and Kate by Christine Lindop
Oxford Bookworms: Stage One
“Everybody took photos of Prince William when he first arrived at the University of St Andrews. Crowds of photographers came to the little Scottish town next to the sea and took pictures of this new student - the nineteen-year-old grandson of the Queen of England. But nobody photographed Kate Middleton on her first day at the university. She moved in quietly, ready to begin her studies in art history. She was just an ordinary student with an ordinary future in front of her. Or was she?” –Back cover.