Thursday, November 8, 2012

New Biographies

Hot Wired Guitar: The Life of Jeff Beck by Martin Power
"Hot Wired Guitar is the definitive account of Jeff Beck's journey from his childhood in 1940s South London to the world-wide success of 2010's Emotion & Commotion and beyond. It’s a fascinating story that recounts his experiences as a Yardbird, his triumph as a solo artist, his numerous collaborations and his sometimes bewildering musical experiments." –Jacket.

My Appetite for Destruction by Steve Adler
"When Adler was eleven years old he told his two closest friends he was going to be a rock star in the world's greatest band. Along with four uniquely talented musicians, Adler helped form Guns N' Roses. They rose from the streets—primal rockers who obliterated glam rock and its big hair to resurrect rock's truer blues roots. By the late 1980s, GNR was the biggest rock band in the world, demanding headlines, awards, and sold-out shows, with one of the greatest rock albums of all time: Appetite for Destruction. But there was a price to pay. For Adler, it was his health and his sanity. Revelatory, heartbreaking, hilarious, and ultimately inspirational, you will never read anything more jaw-droppingly honest than My Appetite for Destruction."–Publisher.

The End of Empire: Attila the Hun and the Fall of Rome by Christopher Kelly
"Conjuring up images of savagery and ferocity, Attila the Hun has become a byword for barbarianism. But, as the Romans of the fifth century knew, Attila did more than just terrorize villages on the edge of an empire. Drawing on original texts, this riveting narrative follows Attila and the Huns from the steppes of Kazakhstan to the opulent city of Constantinople and the Great Hungarian Plain, uncovering an unlikely marriage proposal, a long-standing relationship with a treacherously ambitious Roman general, and a thwarted Roman assassination plot."– Publisher.

The Last Giant of Beringia: The Mystery of the Bering Land Bridge by Dan O’Neill
"The intriguing theory of a land bridge linking Siberia and Alaska during the Ice Ages had been much debated since the idea was first proposed 400 years ago. But proof of the land bridge (now named Beringia) eluded scientists until an inquiring geologist named Dave Hopkins set himself to the task of solving the mystery. The Last Giant of Beringia tells this fascinating scientific detective story through the life story of the eclectic Hopkins, who rewrote history, and in doing so earned his place as the last giant the land bridge would ever know."–Back cover.

Queen Unseen by Peter Hince
"For more than a decade, Peter Hince worked alongside one of the greatest bands in the history of rock, touring the world and heading up their road crew as they performed at some of the best and biggest music venues in the world. Here he recalls the highlights of those years with the band. He was with Freddie Mercury when he composed "Crazy Little Thing Called Love;" he was responsible for making sure that Freddie's stage performances went without a hitch; and he was often there to witness Freddie's famed tantrums. He was also party to the sex, drugs, and rock and roll which are invariably part of life on the road with a rock band. Many books have been written about Queen and Freddie Mercury, but this is the first real insider's story."– Publisher.