Acadia and the Acadians


A Great and Noble Scheme: The Tragic Story of the Expulsion of the French Acadians from their American Homeland by John Mack Faragher
971.601 FAR

A History of Early Nova Scotia by Peter L. McCreath and John G. Leefe
971.601 MCC

A Land of Discord Always: Acadia from its Beginning to the Expulsion of its People 1604-1755 by Charles D. Mahaffie, Jr.
971.601 MAH

A Taste of Acadie by Marielle Cormier-Boudreau and Melvin Gallant; translated by Ernest Bauer
641.59715 BOU

Acadia of the Maritimes: Thematic Studies from the Beginning to the Present edited by Jean Daigle
971.5 ACA

Acadians by Henri-Dominique Paratte
971.5 PAR

Canadian History: A Reader's Guide volume 1: Beginnings to Confederation edited by M. Brook Taylor
971 CAN

Chéticamp: History and Acadian Traditions by Anselme Chiasson
971.691 CHA

Evangeline: A tale of Acadie by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
811.3 LON

Exploration Canada by Paul Collins and Norman Sheffe
971 COL

Gentlemen and Jesuits: Quests for Glory and Adventure in the Early Days of New France by Elizabeth Jones
971.601 JON

Life in Acadia by Rosemary Neering and Stan Garrod
971.601 NEE

Life in New France by Eric Skeoch
971.016 SKE

Looking into Acadie: Three Illustrated Studies by Brenda Dunn, Sally Ross, and Birgitta Wallace
971.601 DUN

Lost and Found in Acadie by Clive Doucet
971.601 DOU

Louisbourg Portraits: Life in an Eighteenth-century Garrison Town by Christopher Moore
971.018 MOO

Material Memory: Documents in Pre-Confederation History compiled by Cornelius Jaenen and Cecilia Morgan
971 MAT

New France and War by Desmond Morton
971.018 MOR

Origins: Canada's Multicultural Heritage by Julia Saint and Joan Reid
NF 306 SAI

The Acadian Deportation: Deliberate Perfidy or Cruel Necessity? by N.E.S. Griffiths
971.601 GRI

The Acadians by Barry Moody
971.601 MOO

The Acadians: Creation of a People by Naomi Griffiths
971.601 GRI

The Acadians of Nova Scotia Past and Present by Sally Ross and J. Alphonse Deveau
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The "Conquest" of Acadia, 1710: Imperial, Colonial, and Aboriginal Constructions by John G. Reid
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The Country of Acadia by Melvin Gallant
971.601 GAL

The Peoples of Canada: a Pre-confederation History by J.M. Bumsted
971 BUM

The White and the Gold: the French Regime in Canada by Thomas B. Costain
971.01 COS

Wolfe at Quebec by Christopher Hibbert
971.4014 HIB

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AV 971.601 BEA
For seventy years - from 1670 to 1750 - Beaubassin was the agricultural centre on the isthmus of Chignecto. The Acadians built elaborate dykes to turn the salt marshes into productive land. French and English soldiers fought here to control the area. Beaubassin is now a designated historic site.

Land of Hope. Volume 1
AV 971 LAN
In 1755, the Acadian people were expelled from Nova Scotia by the British and forced to relocate in South Carolina. Ten-year-old George was uprooted from his home, forced to hide from bounty hunters and eventually found refuge amongst the Micmac people. It was only years later that his parents returned and they became a family again.


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Acadie and the Acadians by David Luther Roth
Diary of John Thomas, surgeon in Winslow's expedition of 1755 against the Acadians by John Thomas
The Acadian Exiles: A Chronicle of the Land of Evangeline by Arthur G. Doughty
The Acadians of Madawaska, Maine by Charles W. Collins

Project Gutenberg
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Acadian Reminiscences: The True Story of Evangeline by Felix Voorhies
Evangeline by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Acadian Heartland: The Records of British Government at Annapolis Royal, 1713-1749
A snapshot of everyday life in the colony under a civil administration, the records provide significant information about families and individuals, community history, economic history, land tenure,—and above all, interaction between Acadians and the British authorities.

Acadian Heartland: Records of the Deportation and Le Grand Dérangement, 1714-1768
The largest and most complete online presentation of primary-source documents relating to the Deportation of the Acadians from Nova Scotia, digitized and fully searchable.

An Acadian Parish Remembered
A fully searchable database containing information for over 3500 baptisms, marriages and burials recorded in the parish registers of St.-Jean-Baptiste, Annapolis Royal, 1702-1755. These two volumes are Nova Scotia's earliest surviving church registers, and a tangible link to the last generations of Acadian French living at Annapolis before the Deportation.

CBC: The Acadians

Centre acadien at the Université Sainte Anne

Champlain in Acadia

Les Acadiens/Acadians: L’Encyclopédie de l’histoire du Québec / The Quebec History Encyclopedia

Library and Archives Canada
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The Acadian Odyssey

The Canadian Encyclopedia
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The Deportation of the Acadians

This Is Our Home: Acadians of Nova Scotia
A virtual exhibit celebrating Acadian Experience in Nova Scotia over the past 150 years.

Village Historique Acadien. Virtual Museum of Canada.